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Pocket (Disc) Stones group 2

Pocket (Disc) Stones group 2
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Product no.:21502

1 unit = 500g, 1kg = 2 units

Size: about 30 - 50 mm

Disc stones are very versatile. On the one hand it is a nice hand cuddler that fits well in your trouser pocket. You can engrave it with motifs, use it as a therapy stone for laying it on or just find it beautiful. Similar to the thumb stones, the disc stones are also suitable as eye stones, slightly cooled a refreshing experience.

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Rock Crystal ArtNr.: 21502-BKRock Crystal
Product no.: 21502-BK
Cornealian ArtNr.: 21502-CARCornealian
Product no.: 21502-CAR
Kambamba Jasper ArtNr.: 21502-KAMBKambamba Jasper
Product no.: 21502-KAMB
Lava ArtNr.: 21502-LAVALava
Product no.: 21502-LAVA
Moss Agate ArtNr.: 21502-MOOSMoss Agate
Product no.: 21502-MOOS
Opal Glass ArtNr.: 21502-OGOpal Glass
Product no.: 21502-OG
Rose Quartz ArtNr.: 21502-ROSRose Quartz
Product no.: 21502-ROS
Tiger Eye ArtNr.: 21502-TIGTiger Eye
Product no.: 21502-TIG
Tigereye-Blue Tigereye ArtNr.: 21502-FALK_TIGTigereye-Blue Tigereye
Product no.: 21502-FALK_TIG
Dyed Howlite ArtNr.: 21502-TUERDyed Howlite
Product no.: 21502-TUER

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