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Pendant Drop, group 1

Pendant Drop, group 1
Informations about prices only for resellers
Product no.:50001

1 unit = 1 piece

Size: about 22 x 30 x 10 mm

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option model:
Agate ArtNr.: 50001-ACAgate
Product no.: 50001-AC
Aventurine green ArtNr.: 50001-AVGAventurine green
Product no.: 50001-AVG
Aventurine red ArtNr.: 50001-AVRAventurine red
Product no.: 50001-AVR
Blue Quartz ArtNr.: 50001-BLAUBlue Quartz
Product no.: 50001-BLAU
Bloodjasper ArtNr.: 50001-BLUBloodjasper
Product no.: 50001-BLU
Brecciated Jasper ArtNr.: 50001-BREKBrecciated Jasper
Product no.: 50001-BREK
China  Jade ArtNr.: 50001-JADChina Jade
Product no.: 50001-JAD
Dalmatian Jasper ArtNr.: 50001-DALDalmatian Jasper
Product no.: 50001-DAL
Flint ArtNr.: 50001-FLINTFlint
Product no.: 50001-FLINT
Flower-Rhyolite ArtNr.: 50001-RHYOFlower-Rhyolite
Product no.: 50001-RHYO
Goldstone ArtNr.: 50001-GFGoldstone
Product no.: 50001-GF
Granite (Larvikite) ArtNr.: 50001-GRNIGranite (Larvikite)
Product no.: 50001-GRNI
Howlite (Magnesite) ArtNr.: 50001-HOWHowlite (Magnesite)
Product no.: 50001-HOW
Red Jasper ArtNr.: 50001-RJRed Jasper
Product no.: 50001-RJ
Picture Jasper ArtNr.: 50001-LJPicture Jasper
Product no.: 50001-LJ
Mahagonian Obsidian ArtNr.: 50001-MAHAMahagonian Obsidian
Product no.: 50001-MAHA
Orange Calcite ArtNr.: 50001-OCOrange Calcite
Product no.: 50001-OC
Snowflake Obsidian, Mexico ArtNr.: 50001-SFSnowflake Obsidian, Mexico
Product no.: 50001-SF
Striped Jasper ArtNr.: 50001-STRJStriped Jasper
Product no.: 50001-STRJ
Crinoid ArtNr.: 50001-CRINCrinoid
Product no.: 50001-CRIN
Unakite ArtNr.: 50001-UNAUnakite
Product no.: 50001-UNA

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Informations about prices only for resellers
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