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Libyan Desert Glass No. LW11

Libyan Desert Glass No. LW11
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Product no.:LW11

Unique piece !

Size: about 40 x 26 x 23 mm

Weight: about 14.15 g

Origin: SW Libya

Libyan Desert Glass is a Impactglass (similar to tektites such as Moladavit).
It is caused by a meteorite impact and occurs when the force of the impact and the resulting pressure (the more pressure the hotter) the rock (sand here) melts and cools down in the form of glass.
Our desert glasses also have a wind cut, ie the surface is abraded by sand and wind over a long time.
The meteorite fall is estimated at about 30 million years.

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Libyan Desert Glass No. LW11Libyan Desert Glass No. LW11