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Decostones Agate, India

Decostones Agate, India
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Product no.:20416
GTIN/EAN: 4054664003569

1 unit = 1 kg

Size: about 20 - 50 mm

Origin: District Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

These Agates are rounded by erosion in the river and semi - polished, so they are naturally ounded pebbles of agate. Often they show beautiful structures and are suitable for cutting and polishing.

Chemism: SiO2

Mineral class: oxide und hydroxide

Mohs hardness rating: 7

Colour: Mostly banded and occurring in many color variations. Careful: pink, stark blue, purple and green are tinted.

Streak colour: white;

Gloss: glass gloss

Fracture: conchoidal

Habit: microcrystalline, banded

Miscellaneous: Agates are part of the microcrzstalline quartzes. They are formed most commonly from hydrothermal fluids as replacement liquids in hollow spaces of volcanic rocks. Mostly they display a layered structure (agate rings). They are distinguished due to their natural color. Chalcedony is a slightly blue agate, carnelion has a fleshy color, chrysoprase is apple green, moss agate transparent with dendritic (moss - like) inclusions. Tree agate is a white variety of moss agate, Botswana agate a pink one, peace agate iss yellowish - white with nice bands.

Other names: There are numerous names for agates, mostly according to appearance (e.g. fortress agate, Crazy Lace) or provenance (Bahia - agate, St. Egidien agate.

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