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Agate Slices size 1

Agate Slices size 1
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Product no.:20206

1 unit = 1 piece

Both sides polished, size: approx. 35 - 70 mm

District: Salto do Jacui, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

nature: undyed agate slices

blue, pink, purple, green: dyed agate slices

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assorted (mixed) ArtNr.: 20206-Mixassorted (mixed)
Product no.: 20206-Mix
natural colour ArtNr.: 20206-naturnatural colour
Product no.: 20206-natur
blue ArtNr.: 20206-blaublue
Product no.: 20206-blau
pink ArtNr.: 20206-pinkpink
Product no.: 20206-pink
green ArtNr.: 20206-gruengreen
Product no.: 20206-gruen
lilac ArtNr.: 20206-lilalilac
Product no.: 20206-lila

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